French Roast

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French Roast is about as dark as you can go. Our roast master has perfected this blend and produces beautifully dark gleaming beans with blunt smokey flavors and velvety sweetness. Indulge in its brewing compatibility knowing that the result is always 100% classical perfection.
Hints of flowers and fruits combine with chocolate and walnut overtones. Sweet medium-dark roast with smoky aromas that can stand up to milk and and sugar.
French Roast is a method of roasting coffee beans. They're roasted twice, producing a rich, dark blend of coffee. This roast must have resilient beans to ensure perfection, so we use hard high-grown American beans.

"This is by far the absolute BEST tasting (and smelling) coffee I've ever had."

"Full bodied coffee drinkers, this is it. Look no further. Great for auto drip, espresso even french press. I grind daily for optimal flavor and aroma. Highly recommended."

Its versatility is made to match its simplicity. Why ruin what's already good? Perfect French Roast!

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